Estonia brings together regular participants of Moscow Homecoming Festival and their friends from other countries. In Estonia it is difficult to find a place with more picturesque nature than it is on the island of Hiiumaa. It is the second largest island which was formed as a result of a meteor explosion. Moreover, it is one of the oldest islands in the world. The island combines historical culture of the Scandinavian countries, Germany and Russia. From July of 2006 Hiiumaa Island became the summery place for Homecoming Music Festival. Due to the location of the island between Russia and Europe, the festival has become a “bridge” and a place of communication musicians from different countries. Over the years, more than 40 concerts were performed there. Concerts are always held at interesting places. The ancient manor houses, churches, museums and open areas on the beach are at the foot of the oldest light house in northern Europe, Kōpu. The most important place for the festival is Hiiumaa Museum. There is a grand piano, which belonged to the composer Rudolf Tobias. The Museum has kindly given us the opportunity to play this instrument at our concerts. All our musicians are associated with international careers, such as teaching in various universities, as well as active participation in master classes around the world. The master classes and Workshops on the island have a well-equipped music school, as well as the Cultural Centre in the capital of Kärdla. The idea was supported by the government and was awarded by one of the most important cultural awards of Estonia, the “The Pearl of Culture”.

Dmitry Bulgakov | Artistic Director