In 2006 a group of young musicians, close friends, decided to make their summer home on the beautiful island of Hiiumaa, and to establish a music festival where artists could enjoy their holidays combined with music making. Over the past 16 years, the festival grew into an event of international acclaim, receiving the “Pearl of Culture Award,” one of the most prestigious awards in culture issued by the Estonian government.
Being part of the oldest island systems on the planet, Hiiumaa Island offers breathtaking landscapes and historic attractions to tourists from all over the world. Due to its particular geographic location, Hiiumaa represents a unique mix of Scandinavian, German and Russian cultures, being seen as a cultural and historic bridge between West and East. 
Over the years, more than 40 concerts of the festival have taken place, in dozens of different venues across the Hiiumaa and other islands around Estonia, bringing music to traditional concert halls as well as to peculiar locations, including medieval churches, museums and nature locations.