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Oleksandra Kiktenko

Oleksandra Andriivna Kiktenko was born on October 17, 2003. In 2020 she graduated with honors from the Kharkiv Secondary Specialized Music School (now Kharkiv State Music Lyceum) in the class of Natalia Skrebtsova. In the same year, she entered the National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music of Ukraine in the class of Professor Oksana Ryndenko.

In addition, Oleksandra received first prize in the concerto competition at the Luzerne Music Center. Sho won second prize in the XIX International Chords of Khortystsia Festival competition, the All-Ukrainian Prokofiev Piano Competition, and the International Online Competition of Ukrainian Piano Music UKE-Piano. She received third prize in the Modern Music Workshop competition and two prizes in the piano ensemble nomination of the Modern Music workshop competition.

Oleksandra has performed in masterclasses for Gottlieb Wallisch, Vera Nosina, and Mikhail Voskresensky. She was a participant in all-Ukrainian (“Visiting Gogol,” “Visiting Aivazovsky”) and international (“Bieszczady bez granic” [Sanok, Poland]) festivals and has given many concerts in Ukraine, USA, Germany, and Poland.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Kiktenko currently resides in Hanover, Germany.

Elina Kulak

Elina Kulak is a Ukrainian violinist who is studying at the Bonporti Conservatory in Trento Italy. She recently graduated from Glinka Conservatory in Ukraine after completing her education at the Central Music School.

Elina has won various prizes and awards such as a certificate of participation in the eighth Bavhakademie Ukraine, first prize in the competition of student ensembles in sight reading “La prima vista,” participation in the all-Ukrainian competition of the performers on bowed string instruments “Brusova,” first prize in the all-Ukrainian Revutsky festival-competition of young composers, prize in the Stradivarius Dnipro competition for young instrumental musicians, an award for participation in the second stage of the Borys Lyatoshynsky all-Ukrainian competition of young composers, and first prize in the regional competition of young composers “Cathedrals of our souls” (Собори наших душ) in nominations “Academy music,” “Chamber instrumental music.”

Elina has toured with the Kharkiv Symphony Philharmonic Orchestra, participated in the Kharkiv music festival, Small baroque academy, and a strings pop quartet “Mom’s Band.” She also teaches violin privately to children and speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Italian fluently.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Elina is currently residing in Italy.

Irina Marchuk

Irina Marchuk is a twenty-one years old Ukrainian violinist born in the city of Chernivtsi. She is a passionate musician and experienced as a soloist, orchestral player, and chamber musician. Irina just completed her second year at the Lviv National Academy of Music in the class of Igor Pulatiuk after having graduated from Sidor Vorobkevych Conservatory.

She has received prizes in multiple competitions including first prize in the Golden Violin International Competition and third prize Chords of Khortytsa International Competition. Her ensemble also won first prize in the Magic Strings Competition in Chernivtsi.

Currently, Irina has not had the opportunity to fully continue her studies as she is hiding in Germany from the war in Ukraine.

Inna Herasymenko

Inna Herasymenko is a first-year master’s student at the piano department in Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts in Ukraine. She graduated from Zaporizhzhia Maiboroda Music College with honors in 2017 and received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Kharkiv I.P. Kotlyarevsky National University of Arts, Ukraine.

Inna is a laureate of different national and international competitions. In the chamber music category, she won the grand prize in the Accords of Khortytsia International Competition held in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine in 2019, and the International Chamber Colors Competition held in Kharkiv, Ukraine in 2019. She won the second prize in the Competition of Ceren Necipoglu Istanbul International Harp Festival held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2020. As an accompanist, in 2022 she became a first prize winner in the International Complimenti per l’accompagnamento Competition, Ukraine-Italy.

Inna is an active participant of various concerts, which were held in multiple cities in Ukraine, and festivals such as the International Festival “Music is my home,” in Kharkiv, “Kharkiv Assembles.” She performs as a soloist, soloist with an orchestra, member of a chamber music ensemble, and accompanist. Inna is a teacher of piano and accompanist at the Kharkiv school of arts. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and photography.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Inna currently resides in Poland.

Nadia Stadna

Nadia Stadna is a pianist and a graduate student at the Conservatory of Trento. She graduated from Glier Municipal Academy of Music in 2021 and was accepted into the National Music Academy of Ukraine in the same year.

Nadia has won multiple competitions, including first prize in the Chopin Spring International Piano Competition in Lutsk, Ukraine. She also received second prize in the VI Interpretation of Modern Music Opened Piano Competition in Kyiv, along with being a finalist in the III International Competition for young musicians “Палескі агеньчык,” in Belarus.

Nadia has participated in masterclasses taught by Roman Lopatynsky, Vadim Gladkov, and Oleksandr Leonov.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Nadia currently resides in Italy.

Anna Serohina

Anna Serohina is a flutist currently in her first year at the Glier Municipal Music Academy woodwinds department. At only twenty years old, Anna has won multiple prizes in national, international, and online competitions in countries such as Ukraine, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Romania. She has also been a participant in the Erasmus+ program in Poland.

Outside of school, Anna has appeared in a film as an orchestra musician, music video, and recording of an album. She is also a flute instructor at a children’s music school.

Anna Serohina currently resides in Ukraine.

Sofiia Yavorska

Sofiia Yavorska is a nine-teen-year-old Ukrainian violinist who recently graduated from the Stolyarsky Secondary Special Boarding School in Odesa under the instruction of A. M. Lapteva. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Kyiv Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of M. B. Kotorovych.

Sofiia won first prize in Constellation International Art Competition and third prize in Bogodar Kotorovych Festival competition. She also received a diploma from the David Oistrakh Competition. In addition, she took part in masterclasses with distinguished professors such as Zoya Nevgodovskaya (Ukraine, Germany), Gernot Winischhofer (Austria), Dora Schwarzberg (Ukraine, Austria).

Due to the war on Ukraine, Sofiia is currently residing in Estonia.

Oleksii Klefas

Oleksii Klefas is a twenty-one-year-old violist living and studying in Odesa, Ukraine. He graduate from Stolyarsky Music School and just received his bachelor’s from Nejdanova Music Academy this year. Oleksii has participated in music festivals in Poland and Switzerland and is now a violist in the YSoU Orchestra.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Oleksii currently resides in Germany.

Kateryna Kolosok

Kateryna Kolosok is a violinist born in 1999 in Bila Tserkva. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the R. Glier Municipal Academy of Music in 2019 and is currently a graduate student at the same school in the class of Andrii Pavlov. Kateryna had taken part in the baroque orchestra Kryla Open Opera Ukraine project.

She has also participated in master classes of Denis Severin and Nicholas Parle as a member of the chamber ensemble.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Kateryna currently resides in Berlin.

Hanna Sava

Hanna Sava is a young violinist in her second year of studies at the Kyiv Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Professor Nina Sivachenko. She graduated from Music School No1 in Chernivtsi in the class of teacher Lyudmila Shapko and Sidor Vorobkevych College of Arts in the class of Viktor Paranyuk.

Hanna has attended masterclasses given by Oleh Krysa, Aleksey Semenenko, and others. In addition, she has been a violinist in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and the Symphony Orchestra of the UNTAM Tchaikovsky.

Due to the war on Ukraine, Hanna is currently residing in Germany.

Luchiia Koval

Even as a young pianist Luchiia Koval already won first prize in many national and international piano competitions including the Ivan Karabits competition (Bakhmut, 2020), Grand Prix at the International Festival-Competition “Inna-Brovary” (2019), the international competition “Chestnut Piano” (2019), the international competition “Odesa Music Olymp” (2021), and the open competition of pianists “Modern music workshop 2021.”

Born on August 21, 2002, in Kyiv, at age of six, Luchiia entered the Jacob Stepovy School of Music. In 2017 Luchiia continued to improve her skills at the Glier Municipal Academy in Kyiv, where she received a Junior Bachelor’s degree. In 2021 she entered the National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music of Ukraine as a first-year student in the class of Oksana Ryndenko.

Luchiia has many hobbies, including learning English and German, acting, and reading. She often engages in folk singing and popularization of Ukrainian customs and traditions, performing on the biggest stages of Kyiv with the famous children’s folklore theater “Dai Bozhe.”

She also received second prize at the “Art of the 21st-century international competition.”

Ms. Koval performed W. A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 with the Glier Academy orchestra, under the direction of Vitaly Protasov in the Art Salon of the Shevchenko National University; she also performed the Schumann Piano Concerto with the National Honored Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conducted by Yuri Litun in the House of Recording of Ukrainian Radio, and with the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mykola Lysenko.

In 2019 Luchiia took part in a masterclass by Yuri Kot at the International Summer Academy of Music in Kyiv, and in 2021 she played in a masterclass for Antoni Baryshevsky and Roman Lopatynsky, as part of the Vere Music Fund project.

Due to the war and terrible crimes that Russia is committing against her homeland right now, she was forced to move to Vienna, Austria, where she is currently trying to start a new life.